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ZGO Candles



red-bullet.jpgWe began ZEN GARDEN OASIS(ZGO) with the intention of sharing the wonderful world of scent and candle light with our friends and community. This candle collection was our labor of love to bring our own unique vision to what we do. It was essential that our candle collection should be as accessible and of the best quality that it could be. So from that starting point, we traveled the world to find the artisans who could bring our vision to reality. On the Catalan coast of Spain, we by chance met a fourth generation of candle makers who share our vision of making the best that they can for an affordable price.

The stone graphic of the box reminds us of the dichotomy between those things eternal, and those things brought to life that share our world- the Mother Earth. From the inanimate came life, and inside this box is a beautiful scent and candle flame made with loving hands. We wish you peace and happiness as you light the flame and enjoy its warm light and scent.

ZGO donates a portion of the proceeds from this candle collection to benefit orphans in Thailand. You can read more about this here.