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Wilgermain is a luxury fragrance house founded by industry expert Francisco Gratacos. Designed to appeal to both the most demanding fragrance aficionado and the individual buying a niche fragrance for the first time, Wilgermain offers a carefully curated collection of exceptional scents conceived to explore a broad range of fragrant themes. Taking inspiration from the modernity and avant-garde atmosphere of New York’s Williamsburg and the classic refinement and savoir fair of the Parisian left bank, Wilgermain ensures that originality and wearability are harmoniously balanced. In order to help him realize his dream, Francisco enlisted the help of a great friend, world renowned master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. With almost 30 years of professional experience, Rodrigo is a multi-award winning perfumer who’s internationally recognized, best-selling creations are known for their unmistakable personalities. The first six fragrances in the collection focus on timelessness with a contemporary and global appeal. Genuine, unique and unexpected yet easy to understand, all the fragrances are masterfully blended with high tech precision and even higher olfactive aesthetics to deliver a perfectly calibrated scented message using the purest, most exquisite raw materials.

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