Vilhelm Parfumerie is a luxury fragrance house that combines modern design aesthetics with unique artisan fragrances. The brand's founder, Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, recreates biographical or mythical moments with each scent, evoking bygone memories and moments through a timeless modernist lens. Vilhelm Parfumerie's fragrances are rare and exclusive, fusing rare ingredients and pairings to create scents that capture the essence of classic aesthetics and early 20th century glamour. Each fragrance is named after a person or place that has played a significant role in Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren's life, with all the feeling and emotion that comes with it. Vilhelm Parfumerie is a brand that tells tales and creates dreams through its fragrances, flagons, and figurative collages.

Vilhelm Parfumerie

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