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UNUM LAVS Extrait de Parfum 100ml


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Those who live in a ceremony can only imagine the divine.

But divine is Beauty, is a mystery, it is gothic salt with the flavor of highness.  The incense of incenses in a harmonious touch with something that escapes the daily without exceptions and cancels out any form of temporary nature.

LAVS, the atelier with excellent basic rituals of Rosewood, Reason of custody of the senses, with golden liturgical hymns of the Opoponax, with the modulate mysterious of fine fibers of the Amber and the mystical symphony of Tonka Bean.

The extreme summit of the impossible becoming amplitude of the acquaintance, the totality of the presence without touching, an “Unicum” that never leaves us empty Acumen of tenderness and sharp vindication of transfigured treasure in the colored stinging arched of Elemi, in the harmonic and solemn connection of Cloves, the sacral Labdanum and the hopeful Coriander.

And the olfactory sound celebrates the events, by dragging the tissues to the highest peaks of thoughts, where the material becomes solemn counterpoint of conscious volition of black pepper, accomplishing the true metamorphosis of the Spirit.

The singing of the colors, the outpouring of the Cardamom cloud without tiredness, drinking from the beating source of the mysterious dream... The absolute moment and the hanger of the man are a single unit, no romantic Velvet but gothic depiction of inner requirement, open archways, in a sensual consecrated Jasmine that evokes absolute dreams.

To be on a journey means being hungry while everyone is sleeping, watching while someone closes the heart, touching whilst no one is available ...

The new in the old, the modern in a medieval emotion stands out, in discovering of a new idiom. The tradition of symbols is renewed researching the infinite in a parabolic phase, detached and copious of shining attributes and flowed of blemishes with a primitive echo of a silent prayer.

The celebrative summit of smell arises from pure time that transcends the real one, here it trespasses the arts because brimful of mystical singing, the mystery which no words can achieve. The mystery, so profound and intimate, not to be touched by human language. It’s the unreasonably unknowable,
it’s the scent that embraces the enchantment and evokes the Infinite.

___It’s the incense of the incenses____