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Thomas De Monaco


Limited Slow Perfumery | It took Thomas De Monaco three years to develop his first scent. Carefully decanted by hand into 1,400 numbered 50 ml flacons, it was then launched as a limited edition. 

Thomas is currently working on three further fragrances which will all undergo the same maturation process. In close collaboration with international perfumers, Thomas De Monaco’s studio is developing fresh disruptive approaches which transcend established norms and redefine the world of scent.

Rich Intense Lasting | To create scents of outstanding density, Thomas De Monaco exclusively uses the highest quality raw materials and superior scent molecules. With the ephemeral nature of the fragrances’ top notes suspended, the perfumes have a strong sillage and linger on the body with an impressive longevity.

Poetic Emotional Authentic | Not one to talk a lot about individual ingredients, Thomas De Monaco is all about the holistic effect of the scent and its interpersonal impact. Rather than taking their inspiration from certain experiences or images, his perfumes poetically reflect specific emotional eras.


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