Serge Lutens



red-bullet.jpg SERGE LUTENS The logical culmination of this came in 2000 when Serge Lutens created the brand that today bears his name and establishes his uncompromising style. Perfumes and makeup ("Nécessaire de beauté"), his expressions in this area, are marketed through specialized and selective distribution and more confidentially at the Palais Royal-Serge Lutens. His innovations in this field have received many prestigious awards, including several FIFI awards from the Fragrance Foundation. In 2004, at the invitation of "Lille, European Capital of Culture," he designed an olfactory labyrinth around scents from his childhood: this installation met with great intergenerational success.

In 2007 Serge Lutens was awarded the distinction of Commander in the Order of Arts and Letters. Starting in 2010, Serge Lutens established a connection between perfumes and literature and opened a new path with what he calls an anti-perfume: "L'Eau Serge Lutens." 2012.

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