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red-bullet.jpg RE PROFUMO is yet another example of Celso Fadelli’s expertise as art fragrance creator. President and Fragrance Curator; Fadelli is a man is a man with a great aesthetic sensitivity in finding the perfect alchemy for the successful transformation of editorial projects into perfumes. The fantasy romance “Re Profumo – La ricchezza è saper sognare”, written one year ago by Fulvio Fronzoni, spurred the olfactory development of a perfume collection inspired by the characters of the book. With the guidance of Celso Fadelli and the Creative Team of Intertrade Group, a collection of five prestigious fragrances have come to life. The fragrances are created by famous international noses who have been inspired by the stories of this unique novel set in a languid, decadent, simply irresistible Venice. All of which is communicated in every essence: Alèxandros, Adone, Ekstasis, Sogno d’amore and Superuomo.

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