red-bullet.jpg  YOSH | In case you are not familiar with Yosh's creations, in a recent Vanity Fair magazine article, she talks about her approach to creating perfumes: I’m not classically trained at all,” says Han, who grew up in Los Angeles and resides in San Francisco. “My fragrances have wide-open spaces and are less structured than European scents, without a strict emphasis on top, middle, and bottom notes.” She’d rather focus on the intermingling of ingredients when concocting her blends, most of which have a quirky, unexpected appeal. Ginger Ciao, for example, layers black coconut with basil, ginger, and Kenya lily (a bloom Han is particularly fond of) for a seductive whiff, while the just-released König has a raw, animalistic quality with aromatic bitters, sage, cypress, and bois des landes.(“König means 'king' in German, and this scent is about unleashing the king within,” she notes.  To me, whether a fragrance is natural or not, when a person smells a perfume they love, this positively affects their self-image, confidence and emotional well-being; their aura changes. When a person feels happy, they in turn generate more happiness in other areas in their life. We need more happy people on the planet!  Not only can perfume transform moods and emotions, fragrances possess the power to transport us to a different place and time–olfactory déjà vu or trans-aromation. Most people are attracted to my work because they are usually in a transformational place in their lives—whether they are celebrating a marriage, divorce or new career. The fragrance they create in a custom session or vibrational perfumery workshop is a memento of their alchemical experience. What I enjoy most is seeing people’s aura, the changes during a reading and how fragrance can enhance a person’s energy."

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