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Jovoy Paris




JOVOY PARIS Unique & opulent, oozing character and personality, Jovoy fragrances are authentic and rare gems appreciated by true perfumistas. Restored with new life, the historic Jovoy fragrance house launched its new collection in 2011. Taking inspiration from key memories in his life, creator Francois Henin succeeds in taking us to far-off places, both geographically and emotionally, before arriving at our destination. The Jovoy line, comprised of 10 Eau de Parfum and three Perfume Extracts, is a unique olfactory sensation from a modern and Parisian perfumery firmly dedicated to contemporary times. Jovoy's has two collections- The first, Juste Chic, is the reference for a house reinventing the origins of Haute Parfumerie with a contemporary vision. The second collection, "Collection Excessive", is composed of rare and precious ingredients concentrated in powerful and complex fragrances.