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In the beginning was ORIGINO, (Origin in Esperanto). ORIGINO is a database created around a musk cocktail, invented by the independent perfumer Vanina Muracciole. This "musks ball" concentrated perfume extract is the origin for François Hénin, (perfume shops and Jovoy), creating a whole new olfactory world: "What was to be a work of exploration Odour, a game between Vanina and I perfume base, will be the main theme of a separate brand " Soon, the pieces fall into place, first, as a game, in the form of advertising slogans. "Perfume is the only universal language that passwords” The idea of using Esperanto, the universal language created in the 19th century, came the fragrance Origino. All fragrances are unique, but in the vast majority, their funds are all built with musks. So there is this discreet link between all the perfumes, a kind of hidden message, a common point in a mutliplicité creations. The essence of Origino that is found in all perfumes Jeroboam