NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR, founded in 1989 by Patricia de Nicolaï and Jean-Louis Michau, is a perfume house that is driven by the philosophy of top-quality and complete creative freedom. Breaking the mould of the perfume industry, which was dominated by male professional perfumers, the house of NICOLAÏ was among the early pioneers in creating signature scents. Today, the company maintains its devotion to quality and elegance, refusing to bow to the trends dictated by marketing strategies.


Patricia de Nicolaï is a descendant of the Guerlain family, whose perfumes were a huge success in the early 20th century, and she brings the same dedication to quality that made Guerlain famous. Her son, Axel de Nicolaï, is now assisting her in the creative work and serving as the enterprise's director-general for development. The company has captured the hearts of perfume lovers around the world and is now one of the leading independent French perfume houses in the industry.

Parfums de Nicolai

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