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ORMAIE is a perfume house created by a mother and son. Baptiste, passionate about craftsmanship and know-how and Marie-Lise, director of olfactive creation for many prestigious perfume houses, collaborated to create a Maison with roots deep in art and nature. ORMAIE fragrances are made entirely from natural ingredients.

ORMAIE takes its inspiration from art, nature, people, places. Each fragrance tells the story of a place or person encountered by Baptiste. The bottle had to be as beautiful as its contents – inspired by art and design, they become decorative objets in their own right. Their wooden caps, which draw on Bouygues’ love of Brâncusi’s sculptures, are a physical interpretation of each fragrance.

ORMAIE is the only Maison to use entirely natural ingredients to create exceptional fragrances. The raw materials are selected for their quality and the ethical and ecological conditions in which they are produced. The glass, wood and paper used for the ORMAIE packaging are all sourced from environmentally responsible partners.

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