Maison Crivelli

Maison crivelli logoMaison Crivelli: is a new French Haute Parfumerie house which was founded by Thibaud Crivelli in 2018. Through each creation, Thibaud Crivelli shares the unexpected and ultra-sensorial discovery of a perfume raw material: a tasting of absinth under a Northern light, scorched sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano, a stroll by the sea in wind-blown rose fields. Scents, colors, sounds, taste and textures correspond and all inspire Thibaud Crivelli to create perfumes which will surprise you with their contrasts, their originality and their modernity.Fragrances are crafted in France with integrity and displayed in handmade plastic free boxes. The bottle reveals an unpolished zamac cap, which is stamped with the Maison Crivelli monogramme. Each cap is unique, thereby extending the art of the unexpected that is so important to Maison Crivelli.

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