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Liquides Imaginaires


The word perfume comes from the Latin‘ perfumus’ meaning ‘through smoke’. Perfume played its first role in sacred rites. Incense and resins were burned during religious ceremonies, as an offering to the gods, before their enchanting virtues were later used to seduce. | A trilogy of potions or antidotes, intended purely and simply to stir the senses. Loaded with powerful imagery, Liquides Imaginaires bewitch and transport their wearers on a voyage of introspection. | Liquides Imaginaires’ fragrances are worn in the same way one embraces a religion. They capture a state, memories stages of life, desires, strengths, weaknesses. They allude to our most intimate selves and generate very personal fantasies. | They constitute a quirky range in the universe of alternative perfumes and are designed to return to the very essence of perfume, to highlight the sacred, mystical, magical dimensions of fragrance, along with the accompanying imagery. The magic of a change of physical state, the irrationality of its volatile dimension, the switch from the material to the immaterial. | Designed as olfactory concepts, they take the form of trilogies. Each trilogy is accompanied by an exceptional bottle, born of craftsmanship and invaluable expertise. Allegorical amphora-bottles enclosing the spirit of the perfume and reminiscent of truly deluxe objects, made of crystal or other precious materials, taking pride of place in perfume cellars now reserved for an elite.

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