Juliette Has a Gun


red-bullet.jpg  JULIETTE HAS A GUN | Offbeat dandy of the perfume world, Romano Ricci has quite a background. A great grandmother in haute couture, a grandfather perfumer; he is definitely into creation. He was initiated to the perfumery secrets by his grand-father Robert Ricci. "He had a huge respect for tradition and a vision of femininity which still inspires me today. He taught the principles of perfumery, but also how to contravene them" says Romano of his grand-father Robert. But if his heritage offers him a simple path, the wild child still wants to look beyond and create his own world. After years of quiet training with some of the greatest, little wolf is showing his teeth. He convinces Francis Kurkdjian, the untouchable master of perfumery, to work with him, and launches Juliette has a Gun. A new way to look at perfumery, both rock and elegant, liberating from conventions and exploring new territories.

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