JOVOY is a Parisian perfume house known for its unique and opulent fragrances that are highly appreciated by true perfume enthusiasts. The brand's collection was relaunched in 2011, after the historic JOVOY fragrance house was restored with new life. Creator Francois Henin drew inspiration from his key memories and experiences to take us on an olfactory journey to far-off places, both geographically and emotionally, before arriving at our destination. The resulting fragrances are authentic and rare gems that have won the hearts of perfume lovers around the world.


Comprising of 11 Eaux de Parfum, the JOVOY line offers a unique olfactory sensation that is firmly dedicated to contemporary times. The perfumes are characterized by their distinctive character, personality, and authenticity, making them highly sought after by perfume connoisseurs. With their opulent and luxurious compositions, JOVOY fragrances are an olfactory expression of the brand's dedication to creating unique and unforgettable experiences for fragrance enthusiasts.

Jovoy Paris

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