Jeroboam is a niche fragrance house based in Paris that creates unique scents inspired by the iconic wine bottles of the same name. The brand is the brainchild of Francois Henin, who is also the founder of Jovoy Paris, another popular perfume house. Jeroboam's perfumes are luxurious, bold, and innovative, embodying the brand's philosophy of "exceptional scents for exceptional people." Each fragrance is a masterpiece of art, taking inspiration from different facets of life and the world around us.


Jeroboam Perfume's name is a nod to the biblical character, Jeroboam, who was anointed as the king of Israel. Francois Henin chose this name as he believes that perfumery is a form of art that deserves to be treated like royalty. The brand's fragrances are a blend of classic and modern scents, designed to cater to the needs of individuals who seek the extraordinary. With unique and distinctive fragrances, Jeroboam Perfume aims to make a bold statement in the fragrance world and is rapidly gaining popularity among fragrance enthusiasts.


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