Founded in 1981 by Annick Goutal, a woman who broke through the mold cast by male perfumers to create her own world of fragrance, Goutal Paris represents emotion, refinement, and artistic freedom. Before Annick discovered her passion for fragrance, she was a pianist and a model. She turned precious moments communing with nature into aromatic compositions, the notes of perfume replacing the notes of music. Drawing from nature’s rare olfactory combinations, Annick Goutal creates a style all her own that resembles her, made of delicacy and radiance, freshness and character. Her artistry was passed on to her daughter Camille, who took over the legacy of the House in 1999. Camille is now the Ambassador of the House working alongside Isabelle Doyen, a perfumer who has always worked closely with Goutal, to continue carrying out her mother’s dreams.

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