Fugazzi is a captivating fragrance house founded by Bram, who drew inspiration from the ancient oils and juices used in Egypt and the intriguing myth of Cleopatra's seductive power through scent. With a daring and adventurous spirit, Bram combined his intuitive talent and powerful ingredients with ancient techniques to bring his vision to life in the form of perfumes. Recognized by industry experts for his exceptional creations, Bram worked alongside them to refine his raw diamond and introduce a new and exhilarating line of fragrances.


The name Fugazzi holds a deeper meaning, with Bram infusing it with the concept of invisible luxury. By mirroring a custom Russian letter and altering the spelling, he added a touch of mystique and transformed the brand into something truly unique. Fugazzi represents the power of the intangible, allowing you to attract moments that become cherished memories. So, spray on some Fugazzi and step into a room filled with people, ready to make a lasting impression. Experience the allure of invisible luxury and create unforgettable moments that become your favorite memories.


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