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Fueguia 1833


Fueguia 1833 is a homage to my ancestors who were naturalists and writers. Louis Bedel, Henry D’orbigny, Maurice Bedel, René Bedel and Filiberto Oliveira de Cézar. They roamed a world on their own, and left a unique imprint of their singular, inquisitive minds.

Fueguia 1833 is born from the association between Europe and South America, originating centuries ago. Continuing our tradition, we identify native species to conceive and create in Buenos Aires and Milan. Creating the scents, which reflect the exotic diversity of South American natural treasures. Fueguia is a proposition for wandering spirits, sensitive to the call of reminiscence.”
-Julian Bedel, the Founder and the Nose of Fueguia 1833

The name 'Fueguia 1833’ marks the meeting of three figures- Charles Darwin, the navigator Robert Fiz Roy, a native of Tierra del Fuego, Fueguia- in Patagonia, in 1833. Their meeting speaks to a very specific time and place in history; the age of scientific exploration. It was a time of innovation, of botanical and scientific research. It was also a time where curiosity for nature was boundless. Guided by this pioneering spirit, Fueguia 1833 draws from this both the historical, and natural landscape of South America to create each collection. 
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