LA MAISON FRAPIN is a French fragrance house that has been dedicated to creating elegant and sophisticated fragrances for men since 2004. With a strong focus on the art of living, Frapin draws inspiration from the terroir, cognac, and the French lifestyle to create exceptional perfumes that reflect its specific expertise and mastery. Led by artistic director David Frossard, the House of Frapin has become synonymous with timeless raw materials, age-old expertise, and refined emotions.


Each Frapin fragrance is a tribute to the spirit of masculinity, allowing the wearer to express their unique style and personality. With a dedication to authenticity and courage, Frapin ventures into all areas where men show their natural demeanour and intensity. From woody and aromatic scents to spicy and leathery notes, Frapin offers a range of sophisticated fragrances that capture the essence of French elegance and masculinity.


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