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Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

Francesca Bianchi is a self-taught perfumer who creates fragrances that are like works of art. She began producing perfumes in her Amsterdam laboratory in 2016 and later entrusted the production to a small artisan company in Italy. For Francesca, perfume is an emotional and intellectual journey that is not subject to marketing plans or investors' profit. Her genuine approach to creating fragrances has made her brand unique and appreciated worldwide.


Francesca's fragrances are known as 'Liquid Emotions' because they awaken strong evocative sensations in those who wear them. Her creations are complex and multifaceted, rich in nuances that create a unique and unforgettable experience. As a result of her artistry and authenticity, Francesca Bianchi has become a prominent figure in the world of perfumery, with a loyal following of fragrance enthusiasts who seek to explore the depths of her creations.

Francesca Bianchi

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