Fragrance Samples & Credits


FRAGRANCE SAMPLES:     We are pleased to offer fragrance samples for you to try. This is a great way to find out if a fragrance is a good fit for you.

We've also made buying a sample easy- Just go to the product page for the fragrance you're interested in and choose the sample size option- and add it to your Cart. Note that not all fragrances have a sample option, but most do.

We're also excited to provide samples in a very convenient- non mess- spritz sprayer. You will get approximately 15 spritz's from the 1.0ml sampler!  So it's a great way to go if you're not quite sure, or just want a sample for your fragrance collection! 


FRAGRANCE SAMPLE CREDITS:     We now offer Sample Credits when you purchase a full size bottle of perfume. Here is how this works- If you buy any full size bottle of perfume, you will receive 3x the value of that perfumes sample value. The sample credits can be spent on any perfume sample in the store. 

Why did we offer sample credits? It's simple- the whole idea is to have a way of letting you choose your own samples- not just random samples we might choose for you- The choice is now yours! Of course, you don't need to choose any samples, but the credits are available for each cart with a perfume. We want to provide more value to your shopping experience and this is one of the ways we say- Thank You~!