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Are you tired of settling for fragrances that don't quite match your unique style? Enter ZGO's Fragrance Fitting Room, where you can explore scents that are tailored to your preferences. Think of it like trying on a new outfit, but for your nose! Our intuitive app guides you through a personalized fragrance journey, helping you find the perfect fit. Ready to discover your next signature scent? Let's get started!

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Ready to take your fragrance journey to the next level? Start by discovering where your favorite perfume fits on the famous Fragrance Wheel. ZGO has partnered with fragrance expert Michael Edwards and his Match It app to help you explore scents that match your unique style and preferences. With Michael Edwards' expertise and the power of the Fragrance Wheel, finding your perfect fragrance match has never been easier. So why not click 'Match It!' and let the journey begin?

The Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Who is Michael Edwards?

Meet Michael Edwards - the world-renowned fragrance expert who developed the industry-standard Fragrance Wheel classification system for fragrances. With several books to his name, including the acclaimed 'Perfume Legends,' Michael is the ultimate authority on all things fragrance. His vast knowledge and experience are invaluable to our Fragrance Fitting Room, where he maintains a constantly updated database of over 44,000 perfumes that can be matched to the Fragrance Wheel. So why not put Michael's expertise to the test and click 'Match It' today?

Michael Edwards, Fragrance Expert

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Interested in more from Michael Edwards?

We are also authorized resellers of Michael Edwards books. Here are two great works from the perfume maestro to add to your library: