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Fornasetti SCIMMIE Candle

SKU: 5060244570658
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Fornasetti SCIMMIE - Fornasetti Profumi introduces the Scimmie Scented Candle featuring its signature Otto scent. The Scimmie Scented Candle decor by Piero Fornasetti featuring drunken monkeys with various styles of glasses and chalices was originally used to decorate the Dulciora Pastry Shop in Milan in 1950. In 2006 Barnaba Fornasetti designed the interior for L'Eclaireur bar and restaurant on Rue Boissy d'Anglais in Paris. Several evocative settings were created by drawing on classic Fornasetti decors but also by using some of the themes from the Dulciora Pastry Shop, including the drunken monkeys. The design also features on the complimentary Large Scented Candle from the original Fornasetti Profumi collection.

Ceramic hand-made and hand-decorated in Italy.
Candles made using 100% vegetable wax, which enables good, clean burn as well as perfect diffusion of the scent.

  • Content: 300 g / 10.5 oz
  • Approximately 60+ hours burn time