Founded in 2013 by a trio of young creatives in Paris, EX NIHILO is a perfume house that marries the best of traditional perfumery with a modern, avant-garde approach. The Maison works with perfumers from the edgy creative community and gives them complete creative freedom, resulting in innovative and uncompromising fragrances. EX NIHILO's radical approach pushes the boundaries of traditional perfumery by using the most exclusive materials and breaking the rules to create bold and unique scents.


EX NIHILO's commitment to exclusivity extends to its distribution, which is the most exclusive in the world. With a flagship store on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, the brand has expanded to a select number of locations worldwide. EX NIHILO's dedication to quality, creativity, and exclusivity has earned it a loyal following of fragrance enthusiasts who appreciate the brand's boundary-pushing approach to perfumery.


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