Etat Libre d'Orange - I AM TRASH Eau de Parfum 100ml

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THE MOST WANTED SCENT MADE FROM THE UNWANTED | Alternative fragrance power-house Etat Libre d'Orange has partnered with the leading fragrance manufacturer, Givaudan, and the award-winning creative network, Ogilvy, for a revolutionary new fragrance launch: that sets a new relationship between waste and luxury, a gratitude for our beloved planet.

I Am Trash is predominantly made of ingredients that have already been distilled (for other perfumes or products) and would normally be discarded. However, with the groundbreaking process of upcycling, the ingredients are now being distilled for a second-time, for a new life. The result is brand new facets of reused ingredients that bring together the most wanted scent from the most unwanted ingredients.

Six of the ingredients of Etat Libre D’Orange I Am Trash are upcycled, most notably the Apple Oil (derived from fruit waste of the juice industry, destined to become animal feed), the Rose NeoAbsolute (extracted from apparently exhausted rose petals, distilled for a second time), and the Cedarwood Atlas NeoAbsolute (product of a second distillation of cedar wood chips, before they are turned into fuel).

  • 100ml Eau de Parfum

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