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Electimuss is a fragrance house that was originally founded in 2015, and has recently undergone an exciting new journey. Drawing on their years of experience in creating successful perfume brands, the experienced team behind Electimuss has created a refreshed and dynamic portfolio of inspiring fragrances, working with the best perfumers and ingredients. This has resulted in an exciting and diverse collection of intense and indulgent fragrances that have received critical acclaim and are stocked in over 30 countries worldwide.


Inspired by the passionate perfumery of the ancient Romans, Electimuss is a brand that seeks to capture the epicurean pleasures, extravagance, ambition, and seduction of this ancient civilization. Roman legends and history are woven into every aspect of the brand, providing inspiration behind each of their fragrances. From theatre and fantasy to passion and power, Electimuss fragrances are designed to evoke the extraordinary tales and myths of ancient Rome, bringing a touch of history and luxury to contemporary perfumery.


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