EIGHT & BOB is a legendary fragrance brand that has a fascinating history dating back to 1937. The brand's story begins with Albert Fouquet, a French perfumer who created a scent that caught the attention of a young John F. Kennedy during a trip to the Cote D'Azur. Kennedy was so taken with the fragrance that he asked Fouquet to send him eight samples of the scent, as well as one for his friend Bob. Fouquet obliged, bottling the fragrance in a square glass bottle with a black stopper and packaging it in the same black striped pattern as the shirt Kennedy had been wearing when he met Fouquet. He labeled the fragrance "EIGHT & BOB," and it quickly gained popularity among Hollywood directors, producers, and actors.


Unfortunately, the success of EIGHT & BOB was short-lived. Fouquet died in a tragic automobile accident in 1939, and production of the fragrance was halted shortly thereafter. However, the formula for EIGHT & BOB was preserved over the years, hidden away inside cut-away library books through two world wars, by the Fouquet family butler. Decades later, the fragrance was rediscovered and revived by Albert's great-grandson, who decided to bring the scent back to life and share it with the world. Today, EIGHT & BOB is a beloved fragrance brand with a storied history and a loyal following, thanks to its unique blend of classic French elegance and Hollywood glamour.

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