Dr. Vranjes OUD Nobile Aniversario Diffuser Refill 500ml

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Dr. Vranjes ~ OUD Nobile Anniversario Diffuser ~ Oud Nobile; this Fragrance represents a bridge between East and West. The Oud wood is only for rare essences experts. Its scents is a treasure for little elects and very special occasions. Searched in the best available quality, 4 different Oud essences run into the freshness of Bergamot and the elegance of Neroli to give birth to the last sublime Dr.Vranjes Firenze creation: Oud Nobile together with notes of two precious resins , the Myrrh and Incense, the heat and the enchanting character of the Oud wood are still more exalted revealing its mysterious heart.

  • 500ml

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