Born from a heartbeat, the D’ORSAY fragrances were created when in 1830 Alfred d’Orsay crystallised in a perfume his unconventional love story with Lady Marguerite Blessington.

In 2015, Amélie Huynh discovered D’ORSAY, as one finds a Sleeping Beauty. Convinced that great stories are made to last, she decided to give it almost 200 years later a new lease of life. Lulled by fragrances since childhood, she was touched by the story of Alfred and Marguerite, Amélie continues the story of D’ORSAY and its original love story by exploring the state of love through to carnal desire, speaking of feelings and intimacy.


She is redesigning the olfactory line while respecting the House’s heritage, working with independent noses such as Olivia Giacobetti, Mark Buxton, Karine Chevalier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Fanny Bal, Amélie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Vincent Ricord, etc.


Today, D’ORSAY continues to promote French craftsmanship by using local artisans, whether they be glassmakers, waxmakers or jewellers.


Perfumes created by the aesthetes for the aesthetes.


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