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red-bullet.jpg   DIPTYQUE | "My soul travels on the smell of perfume" wrote Baudelaire. Only poets can summarize an entire universe of thoughts and sensations in a few words.In this, perfume resembles a poem. Immateriality endowed with the greatest evocative power, at Diptyque it recounts what makes our memory an infinite field of happiness. Distant landscapes, real or imaginary journeys are the special guests here where memories furnish their best effects. L’Ombre dans l’Eau, Philosykos, Do Son… All are the bearers of a story. A vast freedom, released from superficial fashions and fads; a curious inspiration always looking out for unusual combinations; open to the world and its infinite wealth... these are the cornerstones of this constantly renewed search for unique and authentic scents. The obvious nature of such emotions is the result of a work of great complexity and a stringent requirement tolerating no flaw in the choice of components. A consummate art of balance and detail can be happy with nothing but excellence. The art of fragrance for Diptyque is an ode to slowness and patience combined with a great sensitivity.

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