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The LINARI products are constantly increasing in their popularity and attractiveness, which is not only as a result of using the finest fragrances but also their timeless, modern design. All LINARI products are created by German born designer Rainer Diersche, starting with the initial shapeforming concept to the final design of the end product. This formally trained industrial engineer, whose studies focussed on the requisition and conjunction of interdisciplinary nowledge, a crossfire of different skills, concentrated intensively on studying the pureness of Italian Design and initially owned two high-end interior design stores in Hamburg and Munich, Germany. Highly innovative and of exceptional quality, LINARI products are inspired by the beauty of pure design and draw on a vast background of technical understanding to combine the finest fragrances with pioneering manufacturing and cutting-edge designs. The result is a range of products that is unusually attractive with a discrete design understanding, making the LINARI brand inimitable and unique.