Carriere Freres


Founded 1884, by the inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds of two brothers, Carrière Frères Industrie is the keeper of wax craftsmanship from the XVIII century. At the dawn of the industrial revolution, obsessed with patents and new inventions, the Carrière brothers revamped waxmaking.They pioneered the famous Carrière night-light, which burned for six hours with a constant beam and without smoke, and turned the indoor candles into an object of comfort and quality. Awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1889, for the “Madeleine” candles, Carrière Frères Industrie has supplied them to the Basilique du Sacré Coeur ever since. Experience and the respect for traditions, along with a taste for innovation and a strong business sense, gave birth to a new generation of candles, church candles and night-lights. Erudite and demanding the Carrière brothers developed and modernized the manufacturing secrets they inherited from past wax masters. They selected the finest waxes and the most durable wicks, and brought them to the masses. Fascinated by Botanics, they strenuously sought out a formula, which does not produce smoke or unpleasant odours, and is easily blended with perfume. This allows for their slow combustion and clean burning. The current Carrière Frères formula allows for a slow, even and clean combustion.

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