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Cire Trudon



Cire Trudon, the oldest and most prestigious wax manufacturer still in active business in the world, was founded in France in 1643, on the eve of Louis XIVs reign. A salesman named Claude Trudon began a small, family-run business and went on to supply not only the countrys most glorious cathedrals but also the royal court of Versailles, through to the end of the monarchy. Napoleons wax producer during the Empire period, Cire Trudon never stopped innovating or prospering. The 18 perfumed candles in the collection today are an invitation to experience the height of luxury past and present. Housed in hand-poured Italian glass, all Cire Trudon candles are free of any harmful substance cited by Greenpeace. Made from pure vegetable wax, each is 100% biodegradable and burns cleanly without smoke.