Boy Smells DYNASTY Candle

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DYNASTY | Rhubarb, Woods, Cyclamen, Pink Peppercorn and Tulip

Sweet seaside fruit and salty air best describe this floral back-boned scent. A magical tonic that is dually playful and refined.


CHROMESTHESIA SERIES | A behavior which produces a visual impression based on stimuli; in this case, through scent. Each candle in this new collection from Boy Smells was designed in coordination with the color of its packaging. They also combine essential oils matched with their molecular identicals; merging nature and the instinct to replicate it. Decadently named, these candles are best described as hyper-natural.


  • Coconut & Beeswax
  • 8.8oz / 249g
  • Approximately 55+ hours burn time




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