David Benedek, born in Paris in 1989, was raised in a family with a rich heritage in the perfumery industry. His grandparents were amongst the first authorized distributors of high-end perfume brands such as Worth and Christian Dior in Paris during the 1950s. This passion for perfumery was passed down through generations, leading David to study economics and management in Beijing and New York, and later specializing in perfumery and cosmetics at the Institut Français de la Mode in 2012.


During his time at the institute, David familiarized himself with raw ingredients, olfactive families, and the necessary steps of fragrance creation while working with teams at Givaudan. His passion for perfumery grew and eventually led him to found his own brand, BDK Parfums, with a focus on building a unique olfactive universe that combines his expertise in economics and love for fragrances.


BDK Parfums

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